Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Setting Up Shop For Christmas

OMG can't believe I used the C word in September?/!
But when you run a business you have to think ahead right?
So today I wanted to show you my latest listings in my Etsy Shop
Hand Painted Cookies for Santa and Christmas Countdown Plates.
Ruldolph looks a little worried in case the cookies aren't shared
Plates can be personalised :O)
Just leave a note in message to seller during checkout.

I love the way Ruldolph is popping his head into the picture to remind you he is on the way!
Have great fun with your Countdown to Christmas with your Countdown Chalkboard Plate.

The Man Himself!
Yay! For Santa!
Don't forget to leave some cookies out this Christmas Eve.
Santa works very hard and would Love a cookie!

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my brand new Facebook Page and leave a like if you like :O)

Till Next Time

Friday, September 23, 2011

Everyone Say Awwwww :O)

Just had to introduce the newest member of the Household
Our new Bunny Rabbit.
 Previously know as Fluffy the girls have renamed her Winter.
She was given to us by a family who didn't want her any more.
Poor Winter :O(
She is so cute our girls squeeled with delight.
Could you Blame them :O)
We introduced her to Jasper and now they sniff each other through the hutch.
She runs around the house and loves to sit at the patio doors looking out.
We love them both Jasper and Winter

Till next time

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blackberries are not just Phones

Yes! Once again it's the time of year for grabbing your kids and some buckets to get out into the fresh air for some serious blackberry picking.
The blackberries seem to be very late this year.
We have been watching the hedgerows for weeks now and only spotted some the other day. I think my jam was made by this time last year??
Anyhoo we had a ball!
 Into the forest ( the Enchanted forest across the road from our house)
and 3 hours later we had nearly
 6 kilos of gorgeous plump berries :O)
 Even our dog Jasper eats Blackberries!

How do you know if you've had a successful foraging trip??
Your hands look like this....

Your bucket like this :O)

And your Kitchen like this!!

You can find a recipe for making Jam here on my blog

Enjoy the Jamming
Till next time

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Love ♥

Hey Ho Peeps!!
Just a quickie to share with you my "New Love" that is Hand Stamping Metal.
I am spending Wayyyyyyy toooo much time searching the internet for new fonts and blank metals to stamp.
So here are my latest that are available in my Etsy Shop

Werewolf Hand Stamped Pendant Necklace

2 Pirate Cuff Bracelets
"Drink up me Hearty's Yo Ho "& "A Pirates Life For Me"

Love and Light Colour Disc Pendant

Pirate Lovin Bling Pendant

Wonderland Pendant with Rabbit Charm

Dream Out Loud Colour Pendant

2 Witch's Cuff Bracelets
"Good Witch" & "Wicked Witch"

Lots more to come and some great ideas for halloween costume jewelry etc also available in

Till next time