Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Major Devolpments (just cannot believe it!!)

Yes, Yes, I know, I know... But Puppy ate my USB cable for my camera so I haven't been able to take any new pictures for here or my on-line shops :(
We made the mistake of not checking that the door from the utility room to the house had been closed properly when we went out to dinner.When we came back Puppy was sound asleep on the sofa with my cable chewed to bits on the floor. In fairness to him it could have been a lot worse!! He didn't poo or wee anywhere just ate my cable curled up in a ball, on the sofa, in front of the stove for a snooze (he's sooo cute).

Anyhooo it's been a busy busy month so far. My personalised plates have taken off and as I work in a Agri & Hardware supply store, I buy my plates there. My boss asked "what are you doing with all the plates"? so I explained and he asked me to bring some in to show him. I did...... and now my plates are on sale in my workplace!! I can't believe it!! I got 10 orders in the first few days!

I just wish I could list them on the sites as the Christmas Clock is ticking!

I also got a message through Etsy from Roisin of Roisins salon Kilkenny who I had supplied a small order to during the summer. She is opening a new store and wondered if I wanted to display my goods. OOOOooohhh yes please!
I went out to the new store which is in the Mc Donagh Shopping Centre Kilkenny and is Gorgeous!! I feel so proud and honored. I also got to see some of the other Irish Etsy sellers work up close, it was great!

So we shall see how it goes but it has just exploded and gotten crazy overnight and I'm loving it!

I have a cable ordered for my camera and I really want to get this blog going in the next few months. So please leave a comment if stop by you it means the world to me.

How cute is he....
Happy Crafting Y'all :)