Sunday, April 18, 2010

My First Blog Ever

Well Here Goes....

Hello and Welcome,
I thought I'd start by showing you some pictures of my surroundings that inspire what I do. I live on the outskirts of a little village in County Carlow in the Republic of Ireland. Natives of Dublin we moved here when our twin girls were born. I love it! Such a different life style!

Things can be tough but that's just the same for everyone at the moment.
But every day is magical in some way

I love waking up to the sound of birds not the sound of rush hour, I love walking through fields not crowds of people, I love picking fruit from hedgerows not having my pocket picked lol :) just joking!
I love driving my car not trying to stay in third gear . I love lighting the fire in the garden, playing guitar and singing at the top of my voice disturbing only the birds

The changes in the seasons, the way darkness falls so quickly, the stars in the sky and how brigthly they shine. Walking through the woods and spotting badgers sets.

Don't get me wrong I still get cranky but sometimes, it's just easier to get over it when surrounded by all this. To get out and walk off resentment and anger watching my girls find feathers, fairy rings or magical forests............

I will never forget the snowfall we had this year. Even though at on point we had no water or heating for 3 days it was Magical :)

Believe In Magic